American Riots

The Truth about the rioting. It’s not about Trump it’s simply organized morons called Snowflake wimps who spit their dummy out when they don’t get their own way. And guess who contributes to the so called MoveOn organisation that supports it. Contributors to during the 2004 election cycle included financier George Soros who gave […]

The Russians Are Coming!

Oh wait, they’re already here! Does it make YOU laugh your socks off? The government are spending another £1.9 BILLION for bugger all. No mention of the Chinese. It’s all about Russia ha ha. The World has gone mad. At least the Western World has. “They hacked into the referendum results you know!” That’s what […]

Training Rebels?

The UK is to resume training the Syrian moderate opposition, sending a further 20 Ministry of Defence personnel to the Middle East to help them prepare for an eventual attack on Islamic State’s Syrian headquarters. The defence secretary, Michael Fallon, is due to announce on Tuesday that the trainers will restart working with moderate Syrian […]

Russian Navy

I see they’re at it again. Truth of the matter is, Vlad the Lad is willy waving again. Why do the British government’s propaganda news channel persist in its scaremongering piffle? If Vlad the Lad wanted to invade our Island he could do it in a heartbeat. Our dwindling military are so thinly spread (even […]

Russia Today

Is this the end of FREE SPEECH? Although they won’t admit to it, the British Government on the leash of the US Government, have today put pressure on the National Westminster Bank to withdraw its services from news programme RT Today. No reason has been given. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the […]

Other News

The Great Wall Of?… Calais, yep that’s right. While the Western Media groan on about, Donald Trump and his plans to build a wall to keep the Mexican migrants out of the states. The UK /French Governments collude to build their own great wall at the port of Calais. Funny how this sort of thing […]